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Project of the Week: Leafy Washcloth

Leafy Washcloth Hey, guys! I know, it's been a while since my last post but I've been a bit busy. My nieces have been in town for a few weeks which has kept me particularly occupied, but a recent opportunity has had me even more tied up for time. My local library is...
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Homemade Pie Crust, Quick & Easy Recipe

Making Homemade Pie Crust I'm an avid baker, and usually eager to try new things. It was years however before I attempted to make my own homemade pie crust. It always seemed so intimidating. I figured why go through all the hassle when I could buy them pre-made and...
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Yarn Ball Winder: Product Review

Yarn Ball Winder: A Product Review Yarn Ball Winders They're something I've heard mentioned a lot in my knitting circles but not really knowing their benefit, I passed them off as unnecessary.The yarn I purchase mostly comes in loose skeins or long oval balls, and I...
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Mashed Avocado On Toast

Let's Talk About Mashed Avocados   I've got a real thing for avocados, in case you hadn't noticed. My second recipe featuring this yummy fruit (yes! avocados are fruits- more specifically, they're berries) in a week. Their versatility is unbeatable, their taste...
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