Leafy Dishcloth

Hey, guys!

I know, it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been a bit busy. My nieces have been in town for a few weeks which has kept me particularly occupied, but a recent opportunity has had me even more tied up for time. My local library is holding its first ever Craft Expo, allowing local crafters to showcase and sell their work. So I’ve been pretty busy going through a ton of old stuff I’ve knitted and trying to think up some quick new knits to put on display. I’ve been so caught up knitting things that I unintentionally gave Thriving Creativity a little break. But now, we’re back on track. And we’re starting with this fun pattern I found when I was just starting out.

It’s a beautiful, FREE, pattern that I’ll link to below. It’s knit up with worsted weight cotton and makes a wonderful gift, or a perfect knit to polish off your kitchen! I was a bit worried when knitting it up the first time as the increases caused a bit of a concave shape with the leaf that I was afraid wouldn’t even itself out. Blocking the leaf afterwards definitely helped in this area and if I have a couple hours free each day I can knit this up in 2 days easy. I’m sure I could do it in 1 day if I wanted but have never had the patience to be able to knit for more than a few hours at a time.

It only really uses knit and purl stitches, with a M1 for increases but it is definitely within the beginner realm of knitting. What I didn’t pay attention to the first time was directions on needle size, and yarn type which I didn’t think mattered so much then. You’ll see the importance of that when you see the differences between the first one I knit several years ago and the most recent ones I’ve knitted within the past few weeks.

**For more helpful hints of what I’ve learned from knitting through the years, check my post about the Best Beginner Knitting Tips!**

Pattern Name: Leafy Washcloth

Pattern Link: View Pattern

Source: Tricksy Knitter

Yarn Weight/Type: Worsted/DK/Aran; Cotton/Cotton Blend

Needle Size: 4.00mm-5.00mm

Leafy Dishcloth