The Project of the Week

I’m making my first pair of yoga socks this week. Why? Because I love knitting. This is a concrete fact. It can be very time consuming and even nerve-wracking, but also incredibly rewarding. There’s no greater feeling than looking down at something you created with your own two hands. Well, your hands, a couple of needles, a ball of yarn, and some determination.

I’ve noticed, however, that my love of knitting may not seem so prevalent. This is probably because most of my posts thus far have focused on cooking. So it would seem that Thriving Creativity needs some balance. In order to achieve this, I figured I’d start doing a project of the week. Every week I’ll pick a project to focus on, and complete. Obviously there will be times when a project will run over but for the most part, I’ll aim to get the main info out in a preliminary post. Then I’ll add another post, or update the original one, as needed.

If there are any relevant knitting ideas, tips, or tricks, associated with this project then I’ll write all about it in the blog post as well.

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Yoga Socks


Project Link: Yoga Socks. Available as a FREE pattern. Source: Joann



Size 3 DPN’s* (Double-Pointed Needles. Refer back to my blog post about needles types HERE if you need any clarification.)

2 Skeins- Your choice of Sock Yarn*

Stitch Markers* (Optional)



For my first project of the week, I’ve decided on some yoga socks. I love anything that I feel helps better me, and mellow me out. This usually includes meditation every morning, and yoga when I can. I spotted someone wearing a pair in one of my yoga classes and asked about them. I thought they were super cute, and functional! And decided then and there that I needed some. And whenever I see something wearable that I’d like and don’t yet own, my first thought is… “Can I make them myself?”

Knitting is my preferred method of crafting, although I’ve recently bought a sewing machine and have been experimenting with that as well. I also hope to get into some crocheting soon too. But anyways, I found an awesome FREE knitting pattern for some yoga socks and thought I had to give it a try. If I notice any quirks or neat tips for knitting this up then I’ll make sure to include those in the post. And, if you’re a knitter as well feel free to knit this up too and let me know how it comes out for you.






So far I’ve finished one sock and am halfway done with the second. The first one was a bit loose coming down my leg. This would’ve been okay if it was longer but it wasn’t so I decided I’d just finish it since I do like the design and would correct it with subsequent pairs. (Used the blue and green yarns shown in the picture on the left).

The next pair I knit up I’m definitely going to make it longer, so it’ll be kinda slouchy coming down the leg. I also may decrease the number of stitches as this felt a bit loose, and I’m sure it’ll be even looser once I finish the second one and give the pair their first wash.



Initial Cast On

Sock yarns. I used a blend of the bottom two.



I’m already planning to do another with a solid color overall, and maybe a few stripes in the cuff. That’s why I used a mix of some green and blue sock yarn that I’ve had but didn’t really know what to do with. They were both a light, fingering weight, sock yarn so I used two of them to give the socks a bit more cushion. I definitely like the weight of them and in later pairs. I’ll either go for a worsted weight yarn or just double up on the fingering weight again. Once I finish the second sock I’ll post more pictures of how they look together, and how they feel.


yoga sock

First Completed Sock