About Thriving Creativity

Thriving Creativity is a personal blog dedicated to all things creative. Primarily its focus is to provide awesome knitting tips, tricks, and content, as well as some delicious, and healthy, recipes. This blog, much like myself, will aim to be very multi-faceted so make sure to keep an eye out for new content.

About the author (Me!)

Anthropologist, Crafter (Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing), Baker, Guitarist, Avid Reader of all things Sci-Fi, and Aspiring Author.

My name is Tamarah Harvey, I’m a first year nursing student and an avid lover of all things quirky! I love crafting and DIY, and am self-taught at pretty much everything I do. I’ve been knitting for about five years now, although it feels SO much longer at times. In addition to knitting, I also enjoy crocheting (although I’ve only recently picked it up), sewing, and playing guitar. I am always reading or writing something fantasy/sci-fi related, and am currently working on a novel- hopefully, my first of many. I am an aunt to 6 amazing nieces and love to travel when life allows. Remember to always seek love and let your creativity thrive!